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YvaYoga is a community studio for anyone curious to start a yoga or meditation practice. It is a space free of judgment where compassion and kindness lead the practice. We also offer fitness classes.

Classes are based in breath-synchronized movement and growth of body structure awareness. Postures come step by step in a personalized manner to assist one with their own transformations.

Self-understanding through personalized progressions offer a process which allows you to cross your limits, safely break from comfort zones.


Corporate Classes

Semi-private group classes provided for corporate offices, co-op or condominium studios and private gyms. We will come to your space. Class options include Barre, Fitness Classes, Pilates Mat,  Yoga and  Zumba. If need be, we can assist your choice & purchase of any necessary equipment for your space.



Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)

MAT is a strength and mobility assessment system which we employ to help clients better identify and understand their specific exercise and yoga asana needs. In a class setting, while many may attempt the same yoga posture, no two individuals will achieve the position in exactly the same way. We all have different strengths and weaknesses and MAT helps individuals to identify and  prepare their body for the activities they wish to engage in based on their specific strength & flexibility needs.


Private & Semiprivate Sessions

What people say


People who’ve taken classes at YvaYoga notice:

● Improvements in attitude

● Improved body awareness

● Better self observance 

● Breath Control

● Improved appetite and digestion

● Better posture, stability and mobility

● Enhanced senses  

"Such beautiful space filled with beautiful proper! Thank you." Martina


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Feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries, or to learn more about our class schedules. 


285 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, New York 11205, United States

(718) 407-4761

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